Love Is the Thing

Love Is the Thing

May 14, 2017
Rev. Ruth MacKenzie

Love is something we all hope to experience, something we hope we fall into someday. So what if love is more than a feeling? What if love is more than a nice word we say a lot on Sunday? What if love is a commitment? Join us this Sunday to dig into the commitment of love and honor with our Coming of Age youth, who will be presenting excerpts of their credos (Statements of Faith). This is a Sunday not to be missed!

Join us for services at 9:30 or 11:15 a.m. This is a youth-friendly Sunday – youth in grades 6-12 attend the entire service.

Order of Service: May 14 Order of Service

Listen to the Sermon:

Special Music: A Ghost Revival

Offering Recipient: Boston Youth Pilgrimage (give here)

May Worship Theme: Embodiment
In her poem, “Shoulders,” Naomi Shihab Nye describes a man carrying his child across a busy street. He looks left and right several times, knowing he carries precious cargo. As he does, “His ear fills up with breathing. He hears the hum of a boy’s dream deep inside him.” She then says, “We’re not going to be able to live in this world if we’re not willing to do what he’s doing with one another.” Religion is more than just affirming a set of beliefs. Religion is embodying those principles in the real world, as a parent, a friend, an advocate, an ally, a lover, a colleague. We are here to have our ears filled with the world’s breathing and embody the hum of one another’s dreaming deep inside our living.

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