Ministers and Staff

Ministers & Staff

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Rev. Justin Schroeder, Senior Minister

Rev. Jen Crow, Executive Minister

Rev. Ruth MacKenzie, Minister

Rev. Elaine Aron Tenbrink, Minister

Staff (by area)

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Jenn Stromberg, Communications Manager


Tracy Van Epps, Facilities Manager

Tim Ewing, Senior Custodian

Richard Thomas, Custodian

Robert Frost III, Sound Operator


Sandy DiNanni, Membership Support Staff


Bree Mattson, Operations Manager

Brad Schmidt, Accountant

Andrea Love, Finance Specialist

Chelsea Bertsch, Administrative Assistant


Lauren Wyeth, Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries

Meera Kannan, Young Children’s Program Assistant


Dr. Randal Buikema, Director of Choral Arts

Dr. Jerrod Wendland, Pianist


First Universalist Church: Staff Covenant of Good Relations

As the staff of First Universalist Church, we ground all that we do in Unitarian Universalist values as we work with one another, the congregation, and the larger community. Together, called to be Love’s people in the world, we covenant to do holy work:

We welcome, affirm, and protect the light in each human heart, creating a staff culture of mutual respect, trust, and care. We:

• Act with kindness and compassion toward one another.
• Invite each other to lead with “our best selves.”
• Are brave and honest in our communications: ask for what we need and practice active listening; acknowledge that we and others will make mistakes; address conflict directly; and stay engaged in the process of reconciliation with each other.
• Remember that we’re all serving the same people; act collaboratively and across program areas; share important information and decisions with each other to best serve each other and the church.

We dream and act boldly inside and outside our walls, creating a staff culture of creative and courageous ideas. We:

• Lovingly challenge each other to think outside the box.
• Give ourselves permission to experiment and be creative in our work.

We listen with our whole being to where Love is calling us next, creating a staff culture of spiritual practice. We:

• Practice gratitude, honoring the efforts and contributions of others.
• Practice forgiveness.
• Practice good self-care, and practice caring for one another.
• Practice being in “right relationship” with one another as a model and framework for our work and for the congregation.