This Is Us

This Is Us

October 01, 2017
Rev. Ruth MacKenzie

What happens when the color of life turns gray? What happens when depression or anxiety get the best of us? Where do we turn when we are tested both physically and mentally? In this opening¬†Sunday¬†exploring the theme¬†Outsiders, we will address the issues of mental health and illness, the ways in which we “outsider” one another, and “outsider” ourselves during times of trial. This service will feature the voices of those who live with mental illness, who work in the field of mental wellness, and those who walk alongside.

This Sunday is a Sharing Sunday – children 4 years through 5th grade attend the first part of the service before being excused to their Religious Education classes.

Join us for worship at 9:30 or 11:15 a.m.!

Order of Service: October 1 Order of Service

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Offering Recipient: Vail Place (give here)

Musical Guest: Lynn O’Brien

October Worship Theme: Outsiders
The first principle of our Unitarian Universalist faith states that we affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every human being. This connotes a celebration and welcoming of the variety of human expression, all the different ways and contexts that make us who we are. Yet there is a tendency in our human nature to distrust something that is different than ourselves, that is in some way other or deemed an outsider. At the heart of our faithful root system is an other-affirming imperative, to meet and come to know one another as whole and holy, and embrace the outsider. We often fail. Yet when we lean into our other-affirming calling, we resist the false, dominant cultural narrative of segmentation and separation, and find a surplus of wisdom and ways forward that are surprising, challenging, and life-giving.

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