The Limits of Love … or Limitless Love?

The Limits of Love … or Limitless Love?

January 21, 2018
Rev. Justin Schroeder

As a faith community grounded in the “Universalist Spirit of Love and Hope,” love is a cornerstone of our tradition. It’s easier to feel and practice this love when things are going well. But how does love work in the middle of an intense conflict? How does love function when you’re in a gossip-filled environment? How can we stay grounded in love when fear, anger, and hate are red hot within us and around us? Are there limits to love? Or is love limitless? In this service, we’ll explore the nuances of love and its possible limits.

Join us for worship on Sunday, Jan. 21 at 9:30 or 11:15 a.m.

Order of Service: January 21 Order of Service

Listen to the Sermon and Call to Worship:

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January Worship Theme: Loving
This month, we are inspired by the work of Leslie Barlow, a young artist who has taken the art scene in the Twin Cities by storm. In her series of paintings called Loving, Ms. Barlow uses the Supreme Court ruling of 1967 against anti-miscegenation (or anti interracial marriage) laws, as the launching pad for her study of family, challenging perceived family normalcy and the lack of representation of diverse family dynamics. Her series invites us into the extraordinary of ordinary love in all different kinds and variety of families. This month we explore Loving. The people we love. The variety of families from which we were born, and the big-hearted call to Love found in the very DNA of our family of faith.

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