Risking a New Story

Risking a New Story

March 05, 2017
Rev. Ruth MacKenzie

In her book, Braiding Sweetgrass, Potawatomi writer and scientist, Robin Wall Kimmerer tells the story of Sky Woman, the creation story told by many of the original peoples of the Great Lakes. It is a story of risk, commitment, collaboration and promise. In this service of song and story, we will explore the relationship between risk and beloved community, vulnerability and a chance for collective flourishing. Whether we enter risk of our own accord or are pushed into risk-taking by life circumstance, risk is the nature of authentic living, and we are called as people of faith to develop the spiritual musculature to meet it.

Join us for worship this Sunday, March 5 at 9:30 or 11:15 a.m. This Sunday is Sharing Sunday – children ages 4 years to 5th grade attend the first part of the service with their families.

Listen to the Wisdom Story and Sermon:

Order of Service: March 5 Order of Service

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March Worship Theme: Risk
Risk is a dance with danger. It is stepping into a moment, unsure of what lies ahead. We may enter risk of our own accord or be pushed into risk-taking by life circumstances. Risk stands on the precipice of a failed attempt, a generative opening, or maybe a little of both. Whether we are comfortable with risk-taking or not, it is central to a whole and thriving life. There is no way to avoid it. In this month, we explore the nature of risk, and the spiritual muscles we need to develop in order to meet it.

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