Have Mercy

Have Mercy

July 09, 2017
Rev. Elaine Aron Tenbrink

Mercy—a theological concept that can be complicated for religious liberals. Yet we are living in a world with hard edges, systemic injustices, and deep divides: a world in desperate need of greater mercy. How might we re-imagine and authentically practice mercy? How might our own brokenness be healed in the process?

Join us for worship at 10 a.m. this Sunday, July 9!

Order of Service: July 9 Order of Service

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Offering Recipient: Mni ki Wakan Water Summit (give here)

Summer Worship Theme: Meeting the Moment
Sometimes it happens in a small room, when your mind quiets, and the rhythm of your breath begins to lead. Sometimes it happens in a conversation, when you take a leap of faith and step into a hard conversation. Sometimes it is that crazy notion that will not be pushed aside, and you make an about turn that leads into an unimaginable freshness of life and purpose. Sometimes it’s showing up in the streets, in a rotunda, in a meeting, in covenantal community. Sometimes it’s showing up for yourself. The religious life is meeting the moment over and over again. Join us this summer as ministers and speakers from all different walks of life, and contexts tell of their spiritual grounding, and stories of meeting the moment.

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