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Welcome to My First U: Online Membership Directory and Database

Welcome, members! Using our online database, you can access First Universalist’s membership directory, create and update your profile, view our space use calendar and make reservations, and manage your online giving and pledge payments. ACS, an online database management system created specifically for churches, is the system we’re using.

How to Log In and Set Up Your Account

Returning Users: Logging In

Already signed up? Click here to go to the AccessACS login page.

New Users: Setting Up Your Account/Profile

  • To get started, go to the AccessACS login page.
  • Underneath the Sign In box, you’ll see “Need a login?” Click on “click here.”
    ACS sign in
  • Enter your email address and name and click “Find Me.” Please make sure to use the email address that we have on file for you. If we don’t have your current email address on file (you will get an error message if your email isn’t recognized), call us at 612-825-1701 or email Chelsea@firstuniv.org. Once we get your current email address in the system, you’ll be able to proceed with setting up an account.
  • You’ll receive an email with instructions to finish setting up your account, including creating a password.
  • Use your email address and password to log in.
  • Once you’re logged in, take a moment to check over the information listed in your profile and make updates. For detailed instructions on how to do this, see “Review and Update Your Profile” below. Changes will be “pending” until our staff updates the system. (Please see bottom of page for a few notes on the default “gender” and “head of household” fields in the profile area.)

Download the App!

Now you can have the First Universalist Membership Directory at your fingertips while on the go!

Smartphone users can download the “Church Life” app for free. Once you’ve downloaded it and set up your account online (see instructions above), you’ll be able to log in on your phone for easy, on-the-go access!

iPhone: Click here to download, or open App Store on your iPhone, search for “ACS Church Life” and click “Get.”

Android: Click here to download, or open Play Store on your phone, search for “ACS Church Life” and click “Install.”

Windows: Click here to download, or open Microsoft Store on your phone, search for “ACS Church Life” and download.


Within the app, you can search and view the membership directory, see the space use calendar, and make online payments. More features of the system are available by signing in through your browser.

How You Can Use the Membership Database System

Review and Update Your Profile

Once you’ve signed up and logged into your account in your browser, you can update your contact information, denote your preferred method of contact, upload a photo, and more!

From the HOME screen under “I Want to View…”, click on “My Complete Profile.” Make changes by clicking on the pencil icon by each section. Upload a photo by clicking the pencil in the personal information section, then clicking the “personal photo” button in the upper right hand corner. Changes you make will be “pending” until approved.

View and Search the Membership Directory

In your Internet browser, to view the entire directory (and print if you wish), click the “Directories” tab next to the Home tab in the top navigation bar and select which directory view you’d like.

To search the member directory, you’ll do so from the Home tab. Use the Search section in the right hand column to look up a member by first or last name.

The app offers a simpler way to browse and search the membership directory. See instructions above to get it for your phone!

Online Pledging and Payment

Inside of the ACS system, you can make your pledge and manage your giving and pledge payments at any time.

If you need to adjust a payment date, update your credit card information, or would like to view your giving history, that can all be done by logging into the system. Click on the Giving tab in the navigation bar and select “Give Now,” “My Scheduled Giving,” or “My Giving History” to navigate to what you want to do.

If you have any questions about making your pledge or payment online, contact Andrea at andrea@firstuniv.org.

View the Church Calendar and Make Room Reservations

To view the calendar in your browser, click on “Events.” This will bring you to our space use calendar, which shows everything happening in all the spaces in the church. You can always log in to check where a meeting or event is being held. You can also use this section to submit a space reservation request. First, check the date and location to see if the space you’d like to reserve is available. Then, follow these steps:

  • Click the “Add Event” button in the upper right corner
  • Select “Reservation Request.”
  • Enter the information about your event date and time
  • Click “Add Location” and select your location from the dropdown menus
  • Enter details about your event, such as set up and equipment required.
  • Click “Save”
  • You will see your event listed on the calendar as “Pending”
  • Wait for a confirmation from one of our reservations team members. The space is not reserved until you have received confirmation.

If you have any questions about the calendar, contact Bree at 612-825-1701 or bree@firstuniv.org.

Notes on Default Fields in Profiles

Please note that there are a few facets of this software that do not reflect our values as a faith community, most notably the ‘gender’ and ‘head of household’ fields. For now, the setting on these fields is its default; you may fill them in if you wish, or leave them on the default setting. We recognize that few, if any, of us who are married or partnered would define one adult in the family as the ‘head of household.’ Should you wish to indicate your gender on your profile, we would encourage you to use the ‘gender identity’ field we have created, available in the member profile section, which reflects the spectrum of gender identity, rather than the binary ‘gender’ field that is built into the software. While it was our intention to find an ideal database software for our church, and while this new ACS system has many positive attributes and functions, providing adequate options for the gender and family composition fields is regretfully not among them.


For technical support, contact Chelsea Bertsch at chelsea@firstuniv.org or call 612-825-1701.

For questions about your pledge, contact Andrea Love at andrea@firstuniv.org or call 612-825-1701.

For questions about the calendar, contact Bree Mattson at bree@firstuniv.org or call 612-825-1701.